“Let It Be”: The end of the Lennon-McCartney partnership

In April 1970, it was publicly announced that the Beatles would break up. It was the end of a band that had performed together for less than eight years. Although the group was initially formed in February 1960, the final line up only occurred in August 1962 when Ringo Starr replaced the drummer Pete Best. But by the time they broke up, they had changed the face of popular music forever.

Some forty years after the demise of the Beatles, their music is still as popular as during their heyday. This was no mean feat, considering that the songs of many deceased singers have been largely forgotten. There are probably only a few die-hard fans today who still remember the tunes of Jim Reeves or Paul Anka.

What were the events that led to the breakup of the Beatles? Was it inevitable that they would break up or could these events have taken a different turn?